Do Not Be Afraid

do not be afraid.jpg

Genesis 26:24
Do not be afraid for I am with you.
God is saying this to Isaac as he was traveling from place to place.
There are times we may not see where God is leading us.  We get nervous and worry about facing the unknown.  But God promises to be with us wherever we go.
It’s such a comfort to have this promise.


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Jan 1. Bible Reading Journey

Genesis 1-3
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I have decided to follow the Beloved Society 2018 Scripture Reading Plan.  I am praying I stick with the plan this year.  I am forever starting a bible reading plan for the year and then somewhere during the year I stop.
This year I am journaling my reading plan.  Maybe this will help me stick with it.
Feel free to join me in this journey.  I may not have a new post every day but I will be reading every day.

I Can Do All Things

do all things journal.jpg

Wow, it’s been a while since I have posted here.  I know I really need to post more often but taking care of a blog has proven to be difficult for me.  Since I have been on last I have started a full time job.  I love it, I just miss my crafting time.  I was able to work on this lovely journal today.
A friend of mine requested this journal and I couldn’t turn her down.  She had told me her husband’s dog had eaten the other journal I made for her.  When she made a request for a new one she asked me to make it look camouflage.  So that is what I tried to do.  She said she loved it, so it looks like I accomplished the look.
The verse included is one of her favorites.  I must say it is one of my favorites also.  I know that no matter what life throws my way I can overcome it, because this verse makes that promise.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great Sunday night.

Behold, The Lion of Judah


Revelation 5:5

Behold, the Lion from the tribe of Judah.

When I think of a lion I think of strength and majesty.
In fact one of my favorite animals is a lion.  When I go to the zoo the lion is a must to see.

Christ is referred to as the Lion of Judah.  He is powerful and majestic.  He is worthy of our praise.  He is gentle as a lion is gentle to his mate and offsprings, but Christ is also going to show his power when He returns again to claim His children.  He will come roaring like a lion.

This is the Day


This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

This verse is a good reminder for us to be happy and thankful for each day of our lives.
God has given us this gift of a brand new day each and every day.
I know there are bad days, I have had them too, but if we take a few moments each day to stop and think about our day I am sure we will find a moment, even if it is brief, to be thankful for.
Have a blessed day.

As the Deer

I added a new vinyl cut to my car.


As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God
Ps 42:1

I think deer seem like very peaceful creatures and when I think of deer I think of the peace that God gives me when I feel my life is in chaos.   Also when I see a deer think about how they don’t seem to worry about much, they know their maker will provide for them.
I long to feel the peace and assurance that comes from trusting in God and fully depending on him.
My soul does long for my God and when I go to Him in prayer I can feel the anxiety, anger, loneliness, or whatever I may be feeling dissolve.

Free Color Page


As I was working this morning I thought my newest cut file would make a great color page.
So please feel free to save this color page to print and color.

I love the encouragement this verse gives.
Let’s face it, sometimes it is very tiresome to do good.  I know it is for me.  I know my husband and I do our best to be honest, to set a godly example, to be good.  Sometimes, however, seeing the “not so good” prevail makes us think why should we even bother to keep doing good.  But God tells us in Galatians that we should not become weary doing good because we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  We will be rewarded for our good.  We may not see our reward this side of heaven but if God promises it, then we should be confident that He will keep his promise.

So I encourage you to never give up doing good.  Even when you grow weary.
Have a blessed day.

The Lord is my Strength


I love deer.  I love seeing them grazing along the side of the road and in the fields.
Where I live people hunt deer for a sport.  I hunt them to photograph them.


When I see a deer it brings to mind some scriptures in the bible.
This morning I stayed home from church with my little guy who has been sick.  So while he slept I decided to work on a devotion.
The scripture for this devotion was

Habakkuk 3:19
The Lord is my strength.  He makes me as surefooted as a deer, able to tread upon the heights.

My daughter has a tattoo of a deer with a heart, it inspired me to create this drawing for this verse.
I am thankful that God gives me the strength I need daily to get through life’s little bumps.  And knowing He is my strength I know that I can make it through anything.